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Tommy Roadley Trohatos took his pro football aspirations from his home in Quebec, Canada, to live and train at the Athletes in Action® Sports Complex in Xenia, Ohio. He came from a supportive family but unfortunately did not grow up in an environment where spiritual beliefs are encouraged.

“In Quebec, it’s kind of frowned upon when you speak about religion,” explained Tommy. 

“I’ve always wanted to explore my relationship with God & what it really means to be a Christian. When I got here, I wanted to say yes to every opportunity to explore that.”

So Tommy said yes to invitations from AIA staff members to attend Bible study and church, both of which happened to be first-time experiences.

Tommy Smiles

“I had no idea what [Bible study] meant … What I was expecting [at church] was two hours of somebody just reading the Bible,” he recalled. “It was a fun experience, interesting & something that I would like to bring back once I get back to Canada.”

Tommy first learned of Athletes in Action at the Tropical Bowl in January 2021. Since Canada was on lockdown and Tommy needed a place to train, he started a GoFundMe page to pay expenses to move to Ohio. What impressed him most about Athletes in Action was its mission to build the “Total Athlete” — the mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of a person.

“It wasn’t just ‘become a better football player,’” said Tommy. “It was ‘become a better athlete, and allow yourself to come closer to God if you want to’ — nothing pushed on me. And then to grow with the leadership and mentorship program.

“I’m so thankful for my time here. To be honest, it’s not even the training that I’m so thankful about.

What you guys did for me is incredible. You guys made the at-home experience with all the assets of training and Bible study and mentorship and leadership.”

 Do you remember the person who shared with you what it means to follow Jesus? Over time, God probably used several people in different ways. God is using you, (yes, you!) to lead people like Tommy to Christ through your gifts to the ministry of Athletes in Action.

 “I’m not going to be someone who walks the earth and walks on water, but I want to be someone who walks the earth and inspires others to believe in God, to believe in themselves, and have a positive impact.”  

Thanks to your gifts, Tommy can leave a positive impact on his university team and campus. And in the future, maybe even the NFL.

“I thank God for bringing me here,” said Tommy. “Never would I have thought that I’d come to Xenia, Ohio, to train for my dream and end up having such an incredible experience.”

Your partnership with Athletes in Action makes it possible to address the mental, physical and spiritual needs and opportunities for rising athletes like Tommy. By serving more than 60 countries, on over 200 college campuses, in 50 professional sports teams, we’re thrilled to link arms with faithful believers like you in order to raise up Christ-followers on every team, in every sport, in every nation.

Thank you for helping change lives and further God’s kingdom!

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