Jesus Loves You Soccer Balls

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The game of soccer is opening doors to those who have never heard the gospel — through the “Jesus Loves You“ soccer balls!

With “Jesus Loves You” inscribed on the leather hexagon in 71 of the most popular trade languages around the world, athletes from all over the globe are able to read this message of hope in their own native tongue.

In addition, the balls have a QR code on them. When scanned, athletes have access to video footage that walks them through the meaning of the gospel in their own language!

And with over 6.8 billion smartphones in the world, that’s God’s word reaching 85% of the global population!

   “Their faces change when they hear [‘Jesus loves you’] in their own language. There’s something powerful about bringing the gospel to them in their own tongue.” — Isaac Nelson, creator of the “Jesus Loves You” soccer ball

Because a partner graciously stepped up to cover over half of the expenses for this project, it now only costs $8.50 to gift a soccer ball so that athletes can hear about Jesusmany for the first time!

Student athletes like Brian from Albania, who read “Jesus loves you” in his language, had never heard the gospel before. The soccer ball helped lead Brian to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Requests for more soccer balls are flooding in from numerous countries but funds are needed to purchase more balls!

There are volunteers mobilized and ready to go as soon as the balls are in hand. Our goal is to order 6,000 more of these soccer balls by July 25

Would you consider gifting a “Jesus Loves You” soccer ball today so that athletes all over the globe, like Brian, will have the gospel in their own language?

By providing a soccer ball today, you have the opportunity to put the gospel into the hands of athletes across the globeso that every tribe and tongue would know the hope of Christ!

Would you help make the goal of ordering 6,000 soccer balls a reality? 

Thank you for your generosity!

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Boy holding a soccer ball


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