Church Sport

Church Sport


The Athletes in Action Church Sport Movement (AIA CSM) is a strategy to help fulfill the great commission Matt.28:18-20. Athletes in Action have been experiencing great results working in sport and through sports around the world. Sport is relevant in many nations in the world, it speaks a language that everyone understands. We use sport to connect people, it opens up opportunities for Christians to share the gospel with non-Christians. Church Sport Movement is based on the local church, AIA will intentionally share ministry literature resources to the church. A person does not have to be an athlete to use sport as a ministry.

The AIA CSM strategy is built to provide for anyone in the local Church practical tools to reach and help people grow in the Lord in their city through sports, we would love for physical education teachers, sports people (coaches, physiotherapists), athletes, and former pro-athletes in the church to get involved as well.

Impact numbers

We believe athletes have influence to change the world, so we’re serious about helping as many as possible.