Super Bowl Breakfast – Kirk Cousins Interview

kirk cousins' interview: the true source of his hope ...

kirk cousins' interview: the true source of his hope ...

Have you ever been in a season of life that left you questioning God’s plan?

Kirk knows this reality all too well — starting when he was a junior in high school.

Now an elite quarterback playing for the NFL, he admits there were times along his journey where he wasn’t too sure what God was up to. 

Can you relate?

In this never before seen interview with Kirk Cousins, he shares how his hope in something far greater than football gave him motivation to keep moving forward during tough times. And it’s this same truth that helps him navigate all of life’s uncertainties.

When the seasons of unknown come knocking on your door, how do you respond?

As you watch the interview, our prayer is that you find encouragement in Kirk’s transparent words. 

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