Fueled by Faith: Gigi Marvin

Fueled by Faith: Gigi Marvin

The U.S. women’s hockey team will be competing against familiar foes when they meet Canada on the ice Wednesday night and three-time Olympian Gigi Marvin along with her teammates are looking to do what hasn’t been done in 20 years -- claim victory in an Olympic gold medal game.

No matter the result of the game or whether silver or gold will hang around her neck, Marvin knows she’s already received an invaluable and untarnishable prize in her relationship with Christ.

Read her quote below to understand her championship mentality.

This video was originally posted on BeyondtheUltimate.org

“If we win a gold medal, it’s going to fade. It’s nothing compared to Jesus Christ and His prize and His eternity. It’s amazing knowing who I am. To know that I’m never going to get cut, to know that I am on this team for a reason, to know that in everything God works for His good. Knowing that it’s not me out there. That I put on this jersey and it says ‘Marvin’ on the back but it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the team ‘Jesus Christ.’ It’s encouraging and uplifting knowing that it’s not me because I know who I am, and I fail, I struggle, I freak out, I stress, but knowing that God came and died and took all that and transformed my life and gave me His heart, how can I not have a huge smile on my face and love competing. Everything He does is for my good, and so I get to go and skate, free of anxiety, free of stress, free of burdens, and simply live the life that he has called me to live.”