Athlete, Say it Like it Is

Say it Like it Is

26  “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.”

Proverbs 24:26 (NIV)

Sometimes the most kind and loving thing to do is to say it like it is. It can feel as good as a kiss planted squarely on the lips. Still, we tend to avoid that kind of directness, just like the way we greet each other in many countries and cultures – we kiss but never directly.

Athlete, what hurts most often is not the truth we bring. What hurts is the intended ambiguity, indifference, or silence we offer, not wanting to let others really know where they stand. What hurts is when these others discover that we’ve leaked our candid thoughts to still others instead of them. We veil our thoughts, feelings and opinions, believing this is a better route to go … but then end up unloading this content on third parties with too much freedom. This is not kissing on the lips. God’s Word teaches something better, that stands above culture.

As long as grace accompanies truth, say what needs to be said, speaking the truth with confidence and God’s blessing. Love others enough to tell them what’s up. Care about others’ futures enough to humbly let them know what you see coming. When we talk like this, it’s like giving the best of kisses. The words land well and folks live well. It feels so good.

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