Athlete, Pursue Your Hope

Pursue Your Hope

18  “There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”

Proverbs 23:18 (NIV)

Which answer best describes the large part of Proverbs 23? You may want to read through the whole chapter to become familiar with its content. A. Don’t wear yourself out to get rich. B. Don’t eat the food of a stingy man. C. Don’t speak to a scorning fool. D. Don’t move boundary lines. E. Don’t withhold discipline from a child. F. Don’t let your heart envy sinners. G. Don’t let wine or meat consume you. H. All the above.

Hopefully you got the right answer (H)! The LORD levels with us on these seven fronts to make sure we’re grounded.

Now, would you take a deeper, reflective moment and soul-search the list above, asking yourself which of the above needs some personal work. Identify an issue (or two) and purpose before God to get some fresh wins. Ask Him to help you grow in these areas.

Prayer to consider today: LORD, comb through our lives. Keep making us so sure of what You say. We want Your values to be ours. Convince us of these things as true reality, the best way to success: Riches sprout wings and fly away (v. 5). Compliments must be sincere (v. 8). Wisdom stands above men (v. 9). Gain advantage only in the right ways (v. 11). Good discipline improves one’s future (v. 14). Envy holiness. Zealously fear God (v. 17). Eat and drink to live, not the opposite (v. 21).

Athlete, future hope will surely come as we ask God to help us pursue growth in these areas. Our hope will not be cut off.

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