Athlete, Faithfulness Wins

Faithfulness Wins

20a  “A faithful person will be richly blessed … ”

Proverbs 28:20a (NIV)

In a world where things seem to be moving faster and faster, there’s one other move we must make: slowing down and dropping our anchor around faithfulness. Faithfulness holds relationships together and allows teams to really mesh and products to perfect. Faithfulness keeps so much together when circumstances try to pull everything apart. Faithfulness demands devotion. Faithfulness lifts, holds, endures. Coupled with love, it forms an unbeatable duo. It’s what leaves a person standing in the end.

Faithfulness has its reward too. While self-promotion often seems to run faster in other directions, faithfulness wins far more in the end. God says so. Longevity and fidelity to both cause and people is the hidden, high virtue. Rich blessings follow the faithful ones. They are the ones left standing in the end.

Faithful people: play out every possession, on both sides of the ball hang in there love unconditionally and forgive completely live by commitment, never feelings or circumstance never run from responsibility or duck duty sacrifice much and don’t cash in early expect the greater reward, God’s reward.

Athlete, how are you sizing up to this faithfulness profile? Are you running short or richly blessed? Left standing or left behind?

Prayer to consider today: LORD, help us to place high premium on faithfulness and hang in there. Let us be known for our faithfulness to You, to others, to our mission and purpose. Don’t let us run from commitment. Like your Son, let us be found faithful, standing with Him in the end. Richly bless our faithfulness journey, just as You promise.

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