Athlete, You Fell Heir

You Fell Heir

44,45  “He gave them the lands of the nations, and they fell heir to what others had toiled for— that they might keep His precepts and observe His laws.”

Psalm 105:44,45

One day some people had an idea about a school. Your school is the fruition of their labor. Architects, construction workers, city planners and university staff toiled so your school could become brick and mortar.

Then you fell heir to it. You benefit from their work.

Now consider your sport. Your uniform, facilities, transportation, schedule and equipment are results of other’s work. It took donations, clothes designers, companies, civil engineers, athletic directors and factory workers so that you could put on a uniform and play a game.

You fell heir to what they toiled for. Pretty good deal for you.

The idea of falling heir is key in Christianity. Christianity says we fall heir to God and His kingdom because of Jesus’ toil.

Being an heir is a passive role. We may fall heir to money or land that our grandparents toiled for before we were born. We are just a recipient.

Psalm 105:44 says God gave an inheritance so His precepts could be kept and His laws might be observed.

He did not give them an inheritance so they could squander it. The same goes for those He gives Himself and His kingdom to.

Responsibility comes with being an heir. If you inherit money or land, you inherit a responsibility, not just a benefit.

Athlete, you have fallen heir to many things. That makes you a steward as well as an heir.

Reflect: Imagine the size of your inheritance from God and the corresponding responsibility. This is not to scare you, but to help you think about how they go together as they did in The Parable of the Talents.

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