Athlete, Here is Power for Living

Here is Power for Living

57  “’As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever feeds on Me, he also will live because of Me.’”

John 6:57 (ESV)

Like athletic competition, life takes a lot out of us. Win or lose, it happens … all the time.

Have you got enough juice to keep flowing and enough gas to keep going? Have you got enough zip to keep zipping? Or has your giddyup got up and gone?

Do you need a jumpstart today?

Jesus offers terrific “power for living” pointers. Here are two power paths for today:

SENDING POWER – Sometimes we run out of gas because we try too hard to send ourselves. We expend too much energy defining and executing our own mission and purpose.

God handles this way better. Jesus tells us that relationship drives mission best. Living out a divine calling leads to life. That means choosing to be sent is more important than choosing to go. Powerful living breeds here.

So let the Father send. Being sent is key. He sustains those He sends.

FEEDING POWER – Feed on Jesus. Study His every move, His every word. Trust what you see and hear. Obey His words. Jesus says that the one who does obey, lives.

He sustains those who feed on Him. His soul food is powerful. There's no better diet than this!

Jesus teaches us that relationship triggers powerful living. When I live a God-sent life, I truly live. When I live a Christ-fed life, I truly live. It's that simple, basic and strong!

Reflect: How do you tend to make moves in life – by going for it or by being sent? If you are being sent, who sends you? How many of your daily moves are dictated by God? Are you feeding on Jesus as your staple in life?

A prayer to consider: Jesus, I hear You. I'm listening for Your fresh-sent words. I need them. They are my lifeline, my food. Feed me til I want no more, no other, especially not myself. I want to powerfully live. Don't let me eat from other tables or march to missions without You sending me. I love you! Amen.

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