Athlete, Here is a Winning Look

Here is a Winning Look

40  “’For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in Him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.’”

John 6:40 (ESV)

It's hard to find a guaranteed win in life. But maybe that's because we’re not supposed to find many. There always seem to be more offers than actual guarantees.

God's guarantees are different. His are bold and backed up. He guarantees the biggest wins in life.

Many of them come in the end, not necessarily now. They all follow humility, obedience and trust in more than what we see. It all pivots on Whom we see and how well we see Him.

Here's a key example from today's Scripture:

Jesus said that when we look to Him, we are guaranteed eternal life. That's an amazingly rewarding look! Note three cool fundamentals with me.

A PERSONAL LOOK – God says to look to the Son to live. He means take a personal look – a direct, careful, sustained look.

Jesus said that when we take a good, hard look AT HIM, one huge win in life awaits: Heaven. Other dividends, no doubt, get bundled in too. So don't look to other offers or other “deals.” It starts and ends with Him.

A BELIEVING LOOK – God says to bring a believing look to Jesus.

When you and I take a good look at Jesus and care to really know Him, we come to believe Him. Our trust and obedience breed there. The more we personally look to Jesus, the more a believing look will form. Bring Him a look of belief, not unbelief.

A WINNING LOOK – A winning look follows a personal/believing/trusting/obedient life in Christ. The Only One who beat death and conquered the grave wants to give us a winning look too.

He makes us feel indestructible because, in a sense, we are. The resurrection and eternal life He guarantees flood our lives with tremendous confidence. His overcoming Spirit invades ours. We can't really be defeated!

Reflect: What all has been getting your attention lately – things here and now or things of eternal value? People or one particular Person? Remember, not everything that gets your attention deserves your attention.

A prayer to consider: LORD Jesus, I look to You. I'm fixed on You. I'm making this personal. I believe You; I'm counting on You. Keep giving me Your winning look regarding life, death, and all I face now and right straight into eternity. Amen.

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