Athlete, Use Only This Credit Card

Use Only This Credit Card

39  “And by Him everyone who believes is freed from everything from which you could not be freed by the law of Moses.”

Acts 13:39 (ESV)

I loathe seeing either of these two words any time I make a credit card purchase: “declined” or “invalid.” Ever had those words pop up on a screen when you were trying to make a purchase? Bet you have. It happened to me again yesterday. And I was just trying to buy a $1 drink.

On a much bigger scale, today’s Scripture tells us that no attempt of ours before God, using any of our own self-justifying cards, is effective. “Invalid card” will pop up every time. There is only one justification credit card, and we can’t carry it.

Let’s call for context for a moment and burn a timeout ...

The essence of the “Law of Moses” is the Ten Commandments. These “Big Ten” tablets were given to furnish us with a great moral code for life. But they also became God’s standard for us to measure our “justness,” our worthiness before Him. This is how we validate for heaven in the end.

Problem is that the standard has been set too high, beyond our credit limit. Keeping the Law can’t purchase our justification. Further, God says that to break one is to break them all.

For the record, we break the first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before Me,“ all the time! We put so many things before Him on any given day.

Any of the Big Ten we break sets us up for penalties we can’t pay. Trying to pay for our right standing before God is futile. We need a better card, not a better card reader.

Timeout over. Back to the main point ...

The only card that works is the “Jesus Card.” Only He can forgive sins in the end. Only He can justify. He carries the card and applies justification to our account before God.

There is no fear that His card reader will say “invalid” or “declined” when we stand before the LORD; only “approved”! This is what Justifier Jesus asks us to believe. To believe Him. To use His card.

Reflect: Do you have the “Jesus Card”? Will you share this great card offer with others?

The offer holds for everyone. Believe it.

A prayer to consider: LORD Jesus, I love the word “justified” … and I need it! Thank You for being both just and justifier for all who believe. I believe.

It’s so nice to have no card reader issues with God because of You. Help me to share this exclusive, utterly amazing card offer with others. Amen.

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