Athlete, This is How to Lead

This is How to Lead

1  “Jesus called His twelve disciples to Him and gave them authority ...”

Matthew 10:1 (NIV)

Want a sweet, strong snapshot of how to coach? Need a refreshing image and simple model of how to lead?

If so, take a good look at 11 words from Matthew 10: “He called His twelve disciples to Him and gave them authority.“ There they are. Let’s unpack them together.

HE CALLED: Jesus took the initiative to communicate. He wanted His team to know what He was thinking and furnished fresh evidence of what He wanted to see happen.

Calling takes the guesswork out and eliminates assumptions. If you wanna lead, you gotta want to communicate (And aren’t you glad Jesus calls!).

A SQUAD: Twelve guys needed to hear the same message at the same time. Squads often do. They need to feel the weight and details of a mission launch together.

So fight for togetherness in your communications. Don’t count on texts and emails to create good communication for very long. Togetherness is better. Good huddles win.

TO HIM: Jesus calls us to Himself. His presence makes the difference.

It’s not just about making the mission clear. It gets personal. It starts and ends with Him … establishing and re-establishing a loving and powerful connection.

AND GAVE THEM AUTHORITY: Jesus gave authority, not just orders. That makes all the difference in the world.

Authority given is more than permission granted. It means that blessing and confidence go with the permission. Authority given = power furnished = victory expected.

Reflect: How’s your communication style going? Is it effective? Are you taking enough initiative?

Does your squad have enough FaceTime with you? What team member might need more? Are you giving authority and confidence to others or simply granting permission?

Aren’t you glad for the exceptional leadership picture we find in Jesus? I am … and I’m inspired to follow and lead like this too!

A prayer to consider: LORD JESUS, thank You for calling and huddling with me.

I treasure each moment You have brought me near and given me more authority and confidence than I could imagine. I really needed this. I really need You.

Help me bring this same leadership to others. Don’t let me miss one good huddle moment with You or others. Amen.

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