Athlete, God Does Not Look You Off

God Does Not Look You Off

23-25  "Who remembered us in our low estate … And has rescued us from our adversaries … Who gives food to all flesh, for His lovingkindness is everlasting."

Psalm 136:23-25 (NASB)

It's easy to look off a loser, a convict, a beggar. Our disdain can come quickly for folks like that. Our eyes see, then dart off elsewhere. There's nothing they can really offer us, so it's pretty easy to dismiss them from our presence or at least our thoughts.

Indeed, the world chews men up, brands them as losers, crooks, bums, and kicks them to the curb. The world even tried to do it to blameless, spotless Jesus. They tried to make The Legit One illegit. Couldn't happen.

The LORD doesn't look off losers. He's not like that. And I'm so glad! He REMEMBERS THEM. He leverages losers. He specializes in taking broken, humble men, mending them and putting them to work in high, noble, redemptive callings. The Bible is loaded with such stories. It’s the same today.

The LORD also FREES CAPTIVES. Our criminal, sin records don't scare Him off. Those who have offended and violated Him are ever eligible for parole.

And He FEEDS THE HUNGRY. He sees to it that there's enough soul food to go around … even if He has to multiply the loaves Himself. All who seek, find. Contentment in Him leaves a man stunningly satisfied. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness go away filled.

Amidst a world that doesn't, God beautifully remembers, frees, fills. Jesus and His Spirit see to it. No one gets looked off. This proves God wildly loves losers, cons, bums … me. You too? He's not ashamed to be our Father. What a God! What a message!

Reflect: Are you looking off folks more than you should? Are you living in hope, in love, in Him?

Prayer to consider today: LORD, help me to look and love like You. I praise and honor You for never looking me off.

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