Athlete, God Blesses Unity

God Blesses Unity

1  "How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony."

Psalm 133:1 (NLT)

There's something about playing a team sport that feels so good. At least that's been my experience so often. Something soulish happens when the unity is good. It goes beyond achievement. It tends to look like this:

  • Positive expectations -- expecting the best from each other is the norm.
  • Frequent forgiveness -- mistakes aren't tolerated but forgiveness is freely applied.
  • Mutual understanding -- a more fully known and more fully knowing keeps happening.
  • Mysterious multiplication -- the whole actually becomes greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Doubled joy -- joy is completed as it’s shared with another.
  • Divided grief -- we do not bear our grief alone.
  • Shared spirituality -- neighbors of the heart form along the way.

The Bible says that this kind of living is like precious oil and heavy dew (v.2-3). The oil symbolizes anointing, real blessing that comes as men and women choose to live in unity. The heavy dew symbolizes fruitfulness, the greater growth that comes when rich harmony happens. God affirms, supports and hydrates this kind of living.

Our LORD is not just interested in our devotion to Him. He wants clear unison and rich harmony expressed with others too. When He sees it playing out, He blesses it. So let's get a few more team wins that He wants us to experience.

Reflect: How's your team-living going? Which of the seven bullets above needs some work? Are you fighting for unity and developing good harmony with others? Who needs to feel your good touch?

Prayer to consider today: LORD, help me fight for unity. My harmonic living always needs Your boosting. Don't let me settle for less than the best. I want your continued anointing and blessing on my “teams.”

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