Athlete, Become a Champion of Praise

Become a Champion of Praise

1  "Praise the LORD. Praise the name of the LORD; praise Him, you servants of the LORD ..."

Psalm 135:1 (NIV)

Praise completes our joy, unlocks our souls, bedrocks our worship, unleashes our hearts and ignites all its targets to greater good. Praise is truly powerful. Champion it. Apply liberally.

Don't be like the man who told his wife when he married her that she was fantastic and he loved her dearly, but then never expressed it again. Decades later, when his wife finally inquired as to why he never spoke another word on this subject, the husband simply replied, "Honey, I told you I loved you when we married, and I'll let you know when I change my mind."

Indeed, we all love to receive praise and acknowledgment from others for work well done. When delivered sincerely, it lands so well. It's hard to feel like you could ever get too much. But when you don't receive it, you feel emotionally starved, underappreciated, alone. Praise is powerful.

I think the LORD feels the same way. And He's preeminently worthy of it for sure. That's why Psalm 135 was written, as a prompt for people to let loose and liberally, categorically, sincerely praise God. Eleven times in this chapter the call goes out to praise Him.

So let's render to Him the honor due His name. Continually. Let's be champions of praise.

And one more thing ... Why not prove great at praising others too? Become an expert at catching people doing things right. Highlight the good, not just the bad. Commend, affirm, encourage. Treat others like you would love to be treated.

Reflect: How liberal are you with the praise you dispense? Are you as liberal as with the praise you seek to receive? How much praise from your lips is being regularly expressed to God, to others? Become an expert at catching others doing things right and letting them know.

Prayer to consider today: LORD, may my lips and life ever praise You! Help me to lavish it on others too. Help me to better champion praise, just like Jesus.

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