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Exchange Vows

2  "He swore an oath to the LORD, he made a vow to the Mighty One of Jacob."

Psalm 132:2 (NIV)

Do you swear oaths? Do you make vows? If so, to whom and about what?

Vows usually are birthed when we feel uncommonly strongly about something. A conviction grows deep and then a commitment forms boldly. It spills out as an oath, a vow defining direction. From that point on, one is ablaze … it's game on!

Great competitors and engaged couples certainly are all about oaths and vows. Their promises to self and others run deep. The fire runs hot.

But there's one other dimension where oaths and vows must take place: the spiritual dimension. In Psalm 132 we get a glimpse into what that should look like. Here we find a touching exchange of vows between one man and his God. Let's take a look…

What David vowed to God:

  • I won't rest, sleep or entertain personal comfort until I find a permanent resting place for the ark of the Lord. (v.3-5)

What God essentially vowed to a man:

  • If your children’s children keep my covenant, they will sit on your throne forever. (v.12)
  • I'm not moving away from you. This is my permanent resting place. (v.13-14)
  • I will abundantly provide for you and the people of Zion in very faithful, fundamental ways. (v.15)
  • You will experience sustained joy. I'm gonna make you smile over and over. (v.16)
  • Your anointing will be passed on. Others will be blessed by what I've given you. (v.17)
  • You will pitch your tent in the winner's circle, living in brilliant victory. Because of Me, it's inevitable. (v.18)

Typical God. We vow one good thing regarding Him and He vows way more toward us! Gotta love a God like this!

Reflect: Are you stockpiling God's many promises for your good use? Are you keeping your radar up as you read His Word, hunting for them? What fresh oaths do you need to make before God?

Prayer to consider today: LORD, keep bringing me to the place where, above all, I make my oaths to You. Don't let me fear these commitments. Help me to be as fearless as You about things like this. Support me as I make my vows before You and others. Thank You for the multitude of promises you make and keep. You are the promise-keeping King.

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