Athlete, Desire a Good Name

Desire a Good Name

1  “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

Proverbs 22:1 (NIV)

What makes you feel valued or valuable? Is it your performance? Is it your possessions and wealth? Is it your mind or body? Is it your social status and connections? Or is it simply that your name has worth, a good standing before God and men?

The world tells us to define our worth based on our performance and possessions, connections and conquests, and all the power and riches these unquestionably bring. God says our worth is best defined by our name. Having a good name means more.

So for the record, if a good name is more important than anything else, then:

  • Winning with honor will be far more important than just winning. In fact, winning without honor will be no win at all.

  • Kindness and compassion, truth and justice, grace and honor will rule my day.

  • Fighting for personal integrity will be my unspoken drive and unrelenting mandate, being respected more than being liked will shape my friendships.

  • What God thinks of me will really matter, and “Audience of One” will be my unrivaled priority.

Reflect: What kind of worth does your name carry? Around what is your name being built? Is your name attached to His name and His name to yours? Do you need to do any name repair?

A prayer to consider: LORD, the name of Jesus is solid sweetness to me. This name attached to me changes everything. Help me to keep defining my life, my name, by more than my performance, possessions or position.

My ultimate worth is found in You. May I guard my name well and fight for the honor of Yours in me. Amen.

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