Athlete, Silly Walks Are for Spiritual Babies

Silly Walks Are for Spiritual Babies

6  "Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did."

1 John 2:6 (NIV)

As athletes, we know how to imitate others, and we watch closely to see how the best athletes perform certain skills. I always tried to copy the moves of the best player, and that meant doing everything my older brother did.

Scripture validates this method of watching and imitating, and John says that those who claim to know Jesus, must walk as He did.

This verse is not literally telling us that we must physically walk just like Jesus did, but it is directing us to spiritually live out our lives of faith daily just like Jesus did. Scripture uses this descriptive metaphor of walking to describe what a daily journey of faith is like.

Walking is a skill that doesn’t take too much athleticism to perform – in fact, most babies learn to walk between the ages of 9-15 months. But if you’ve ever watched a baby learning to walk, you know that they teeter, wobble and tumble often.

I get a picture of God looking down from His heavenly throne on His children, on me, and He is shaking His head as He watches me attempt to walk spiritually like Jesus. He knows how long it will be before I can walk without weaving, falling down or running into the corners of tables.

It’s so true, we often spiritually act just like babies, and unless we consciously and constantly watch the Master Walker (Jesus), we will continue to get around with all manner of silly walks.

Reflect: Whose walk are you imitating? Are you following the example of Jesus, or are you watching the crazy walkers of this world? Are you setting a Christ-like example for your friends, teammates and coaches to imitate, or are you leading them into more baby-like, silly walks?

How you walk spiritually matters because it shows whether your claims of knowing Jesus are genuine or not.

As Christians living this side of heaven, we will always have times when we misstep or revert to silly walks. But by grace, our loving Father will pick us up and set us on our feet again.

A prayer to consider: Lord, I want to learn to not only walk well, but to run after you each day!

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