Athlete, Put a Lid on Blameshifting

Put a Lid on Blameshifting

4  “... each one shall die for his own sin.”

2 Kings 14:6 (ESV)

There's a tendency in life for us to make someone pay for whatever went wrong, even if that one is not really to blame. It's really wrong, but we do it anyway. We let justice turn into injustice just so that some “justice” can be served. We blameshift, and innocent people bear the brunt of our shortcomings, our sin. For example:

  • Dogs (and spouses) at home get kicked after a bad day at work. Domestic violence gets practiced way too freely. Sexual assault is growing.
  • Referees and game officials often get (unfairly) blamed for a team's poor performance.
  • The man who shot all those people in Orlando recently said he killed others in part because of the frustration he said his religion was imposing upon him.

We all are tempted to run through stop signs and blame others for things we don't like in ourselves. God's Word clearly teaches that this kind of living must stop. Justice can't afford to be reckless. The lid needs to be put on tight regarding behavior like this. 2 Kings 14 reminds us of this.

While both sins and blessings can become generational, judgment must be confined and personal. God says there's a limit. Personal accountability must rule the day. We can't let wrong guys pay in order to make ourselves feel better. We must “man-up” and do right.

Reflect: Athlete, how are you doing in the area of blameshifting? Are you making the innocent quietly pay for what you don't like, or are you fighting to uphold justice? Are you being a real man or a real woman by accepting responsibility, rejecting passivity and protecting the innocent?

Prayer to consider today: LORD, help me to keep a tight lid on my blameshifting. It's as old as time and won't go away without a fight. I need Your power, Your Spirit, to get these needed wins. Grant this for Your glory and my emancipation and victory. Amen.

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