Athlete, Help that Anticipates is the Best

Help that Anticipates is the Best

24  “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Isaiah 65:24 (NIV)

In team sports, the best kind of help offered during play is that which is anticipated -- when a coach or teammate senses a need for early intervention and provides it effectively. Help at that level really sets teams apart.

In human relationships, to have people close to us who know us so well and listen so intently that they can complete our sentences and even our thoughts before we do is impressive and of great encouragement. Find that kind of friend and stick with him or her!

Reflect: Are there moments in life when you realize that help was on the way before you knew you needed it, before you asked?

Have there been times when you've spoken and someone has listened so well that he/she completed your stumbling sentence or found the right word or thought before you could? That's real tracking! And that's real benefit.

God loves His people and really tracks with us more than we realize. And it's in moments like this, when His help anticipates and His completing words are furnished, that we realize God is there. He is near.

Anticipate a great day!

Appreciate a great God!

Apply anticipating help to others too, and imitate Him.

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