Athlete, Do Not Look Back

Do Not Look Back

25  “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.”

Proverbs 4:25 (New Living Translation)

It was my freshman year of high school and my first year as a track athlete. I had made it all the way to the state track meet in the 400 meters.

During the preliminary race, I had come out of the final curve in first place. I was frighteningly excited.

I could almost see the finish line when, all of a sudden, I heard it. Heavy breathing. It seemed someone was right behind me!

Instinct caused me to jerk my head around during the last part of my race. But jerking my head forward again proved too much for me to do, and I fell ... on the track ... less than 40 meters from the finish line.

Not knowing I could get up and finish the race, I did not get up. To my surprise, there was no one near me when I fell.

God tells His people in Proverbs 4:25 to keep our eyes set on what lies before us: victory in Jesus, our purpose, God’s glory. It’s all there for you at the end of the finish line if you finish the race.

However, when we focus on what we think is surrounding us, we become distracted and take our own selves out of the race!

Now is the time to cut off the distractions of comparison, potential failure and disappointment.

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