Athlete, Be Tuned to the Holy Spirit

Be Tuned to the Holy Spirit

15  “As I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell on them just as on us at the beginning.”

Acts 11:15 (ESV)

I love intently watching the NBA playoffs. In a best-of-seven series format, each contest provides critical lessons. As the games roll on, the teams that learn the best, that adjust best, advance best.

In Acts 11, God called for some major adjustments. The early Christian church needed to make them in order to survive and advance. They did through the power of the Holy Spirit. Their “adjustment” lessons become ours too.

Let’s take a closer look.

GOD HAS THINGS TO SAY (Acts 11:7,9). They are more regular, special, striking than we sometimes think. Tune in. You don’t wanna miss His messages. We always need coaching.

GOD MAKES THINGS CLEAN (Acts 11:7, 9). God makes us clean. He can make anyone clean. No one is hopeless. No one works like Him.

GOD GIVES GREEN LIGHTS (Acts 11:12). Take them when they come. Don’t hesitate. Move on green, not just when you see the destination.

RESPECT THE MOVES GOD MAKES, whatever they are (Acts 11:17). Join the movement. Keep in step with the Spirit. Support His moves with yours. It’s not about you.

HIS SPIRIT COMES ON PEOPLE (Acts 11:15 and Acts 10:44) O, may this be continually so. Let Him rest on us. Let Him rest on me. When He does, I rest well.

I am better for His advances on me, in me. His invasions are powerful and pure, strong and sweet. Bring it on.

HIS SPIRIT LEADS US INTO WORSHIP (Acts 11:18). God’s Spirit helps us celebrate our Father and exalt His Son at work anywhere and everywhere. The Spirit helps us worship well. We were made for worship like this.

REPENTANCE BRINGS LIFE (Acts 11:18). God’s Spirit prompts our repentance. Our repentance, though humbling and painful, is meant to bring us life. So never fear godly repentance. It leads to life.

Wow! God calls for some great adjustments in Acts 11. And as you and I adjust too, our confidence to keep getting wins in life will soar.

Reflect: Are you keeping in step with the Spirit? Is your worship time stale or fresh and robust? What adjustment in you needs to be made?

A prayer to consider: Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me. Tune my heart and get me good. Teach me to follow You like a champ, for Your glory and my joy in You, Amen.

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