Athlete, You Need Both for Spiritual Victory

You Need Both for Spiritual Victory

11  "Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward."

Psalm 19:11 (ESV)

The way to build momentum in face-to-face sports is to make stops (solid defense) and generate scores (effective offense). Both must be present.

When only one or the other happens, getting wins is no sure thing. But enough combinations of stops and scores will lead to certain victory.

Similarly, the way to build great momentum in our personal lives is by both heeding warnings and keeping commands. That's why God places such a premium on His Word – knowing it, studying it and meditating on it (see Psalm 1, Psalm 19:7-14 and Joshua 1:8).

When we do life like this, we build momentum and experience the double reward God brings to those who truly follow His Word:

  • Our enemies can't score on us because we're too forewarned.

  • Blessings come because they always somehow follow our obedience to His precepts.

Indeed, when God's Word takes centerstage in our lives, stops and scores will keep pairing up, and winning momentum will be built.

The true Christmas story is dotted with warnings that were heeded and obedience that was practiced by all those who played a part of the godly cast. O, how they won, and the world was changed. Those kind of stops and scores can be our momentum-shifting experience too.

God's Spirit sees to it. He meets us in the Word.

Reflect: Pick a question and tackle it …

  • How well warned and spiritually vigilant are you really? Are you seeing danger coming before it arrives and feeling consistently prepared?

  • Where are you seeing the need to make a few more “stops” in your life?

  • Are you known only for defense and not offense? What is God revealing in His Word about how you can be scoring more effectively for Him?

  • Are you building enough momentum in your life through reading and knowing God's Word? What's your reading/meditating/sharing plan?

A prayer to consider: Lord, help me experience the double-rewarding life You give to those who heed Your warnings and obey Your commands. Take me to Your Word daily. Lead me and keep me there until a sense of good momentum is built for my today. I trust Your winning ways. Amen.

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