Athlete, Here is the Key Substitution

Here is the Key Substitution

16  “Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil.”

Proverbs 15:16 (NIV)

The tipping point in the 2015 NCAA D1 Men's Basketball Championship Game came on the shoulders of a team's 8th man. Duke University would not have won the title without the crucial contribution of this young freshman “role player.”

Two Blue Devils stars sat long periods on the bench while an unheralded rookie named Grayson Allen shined under the spotlight, rallying his team to victory.

Today's Scripture highlights a crucial tipping point too, the fear of the LORD. What gets a person over the top for life is not getting wealth (and all the power, control, comfort and approval that seems to come with it) or the playing time we all crave.

Rather, it's a proper “fear” of God. This consistent mindfulness, good attentiveness, faithful obedience and loving devotion to Him first is what makes the difference. His proper fear in place is better.

So put wealth (and all its friends) on the bench if it brings turmoil (‘cause it often does). And give a proper fear of God all the playing time you can. Believe that to have Him is to have enough.

Let Him run with abandon in and through you. That substitution brings championship living.

A prayer to consider: O, Father, don't let me place my trust in this world’s typical “starters” (the drive for wealth and its accompanying power, control, comfort and approval) to get me wins. Regarding and serving You in my life makes the difference.

Help me believe that “little with the fear of the LORD” plays out way better in the end. This is the key substitution move I need to consistently make.

And keep shaping me like Your Son, the Great Substitute. Amen.

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