Athlete, Here is Help with Your Priorities

Here is Help with Your Priorities

2  "Thus says the LORD of hosts: These people say the time has not yet come to rebuild the house of the LORD.”

Haggai 1:2 (ESV)

Being human is quite challenging, but establishing good priorities can sure help us maintain order and keep us moving forward. Without priorities we can float along being unproductive and underachieving, likely led by others’ priorities for us or just driven by our base instincts.

But with good priorities, we create strong mandates and life rhythms. Priorities are crucial to accelerating personal growth and giving our lives lift.

God weighs in on the topic of priorities too. He wants a strong say in what we do and when we do it. He doesn't want us making decisions on what gets addressed and what doesn't, what gets spent and what doesn't, what gets accented and what doesn't, what gets done and what's left undone WITHOUT HIM.

God knows that sometimes we can get full of ourselves and forget to make Him priority in our prioritizing. Priorities start with Him. His voice must matter. As our Savior-Redeemer, He deserves it. As Creator-Master, He knows best.

In today's Scripture, the LORD expresses His displeasure because people were giving priority to themselves instead of to God and acting like they knew timing and sequencing better than He did. God was marginalized and unprioritized. God was unconsulted. God got the leftovers. It's not supposed to be this way. No other gods before Him … that's the First Commandment.


  • Where do the things of the Lord fit into your daily/weekly life? At what point in any given day do you give Him priority?

  • Who sets the priorities in how you spend your time? Your money? Your affections?

  • Make a list of your priorities for today/this week. Include the Lord at the top. Consecrate that list to the Lord and watch it play out. Then note what happens.

A prayer to consider: LORD, speak to me about my prioritizing. Please create a right sense of order and peace within me. Help me live a You-first life in a world which powerfully preaches me first. I trust Your way is best.

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