Athlete, Get Down and Dirty

Get Down and Dirty

40  “Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed.”

Acts 9:40 (NIV)

In Acts 9, a very special woman had died. It rocked the community. She was a legendary baller that fell.

A godly man named Peter was summoned to come, to do something, to do anything to make it all better. At that point all he could do was to get down and dirty, to kneel and pray. And so he did.

Funny thing is, when he got up, the dead woman did too. God intervened. And life came out of death. It always seems to happen somehow when God truly gets in the picture.

Indeed, something special happens when we get down, when we lower ourselves willingly as opposed to being knocked down forcibly. God sees to it. To let oneself fall is to let God rise.

Something special happens whenever we get down low enough to get our knees dirty. Bowing brings honor, not just extends it. Kneeling communicates much.

Something special happens when we kneel to pray. That posture somehow prompts heaven to come down and readies us for anything earth throws at us next.

God doesn’t meet those who just talk about prayer or briefly, rotely pray. He meets those who actually linger in prayer, sustaining the activity until their full confession or intercession is made, and rest is won.

Indeed, God meets those who get down and dirty. They are not the same when they rise. And so often neither is their world.

Here’s the bottom line ... God wants all of us to know that:

  • He raises things up when we take ourselves down.
  • Kneeling is a powerful posture.
  • Prayer changes things.

I wonder how many more life wins we would get if we took the time to get down and dirty.

Reflect: What’s your go-to move when things die or fall apart in and around you? How worn are your pant knees? What life circumstances in or around you need to drop you in prayer just now? Is there anyone you should invite to drop in prayer with you?

A prayer to consider: LORD Jesus, thank You for lowering Yourself for us, for me. Your “down and dirty” changed everything for the better.

Take me to my knees and help me to take others there too. Make my prayer times with You sweet and strong. Raise me to raise others in worship and abundant life with me through You. Amen.

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