Athlete, Find Refreshment

Find Refreshment

25  “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25 (NIV)

Looking for refreshment? Do things feel a bit stale to you now? Are you low on energy and need a recharge?

If your current season seems long or your performance is shaky, God’s Word has a pair of refreshing thoughts for you. Here they are, simple and strong. Let them boost you.

BE GENEROUS. Give to others more than you’d care to. Share your time, talents and treasures. Freely give (Matthew 10:8; Romans 8:32). Surprise others with uncommon generosity.

The person who does this prospers. God says we will find surprising rest, renewal and return on our generous investment in others.

REFRESH OTHERS. Find a way to boost family, friends, teammates, colleagues and even strangers. The smallest touch will likely do. Open the windows of hope for them.

Let your care run a little wild and free. The refreshment we search for ourselves is often found in the moments we refresh others. This is God’s secret renewal recipe.

So give. Refresh others; then watch out. A certain recharge and good return awaits. What a great universal law God has written into life (Luke 6:38)!

Reflect: Who could possibly use a generous portion of you and your resources (time/talent/treasure) today? Who needs a refreshing touch besides you today? How will you deliver it?

A prayer to consider: LORD, I feel your fresh call to generosity and the refreshment of others. Launch in me these kind expressions. Keep convincing me that my refreshment is found in my generosity and refreshing of others.

Thank you for being so extravagant and committed to my refreshment. You are the best! I worship You above all. Amen.

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