Athlete, We Have Priestly Duties too

We Have Priestly Duties too

6:49 “But Aaron and his descendants were the ones who presented offerings on the altar of burnt offering and on the altar of incense in connection with all that was done in the Most Holy Place, making atonement for Israel, in accordance with all that Moses the servant of God had commanded.”

1 Chronicles 6:49 (NIV)

Ok, I admit it. While I have toughened up in taking fuller responsibility for my actions and the minimizing of my blameshifting, I confess there’s more work to be done.

Further, I admit that taking responsibility for others’ mistakes is even harder for me to do. You too?

As a player this was hard for me. As a coach, I’ve learned to do it better. Doing it more broadly and completely is still my challenge.

This is where today’s Scripture intersects our lives. Long ago, God tagged Aaron and his offspring as priests. As such, one of their main jobs was to make atonement for others.

That meant they took on others’ sins, others’ failures and made intercession for them to God. They didn’t leave people alone to atone for themselves. This was God’s plan, that these men would enter into each others’ sins, failures, shortcomings and care for them.

And since Scripture now calls all Christians to a life of “royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9), this means you and I must engage in atonement-making for others too.

To follow this pattern from Aaron is to really imitate Jesus who showed us best. This is the life to which we all are called: atoning, interceding, entering into and caring for the sin and brokenness of others.

So let’s press on in assuming responsibility for more than just ourselves. As we look to Jesus, we find our best inspiration, strongest example, and greatest strength to keep going. I hope you’ll join me. Take my hand and I will follow too.

Reflect: How well are you doing in taking responsibility for your actions? Is blameshifting alive or largely dead in you?

How are you doing with taking responsibility for more than just yourself, entering into others’ sin and taking them and their brokenness to God? Who needs your compassionate, “priestly” intercession today?

A prayer to consider: LORD, I need Your power to keep me leaning into priestly living and away from blameshifting, accepting responsibility for more than just myself, just like Jesus. Grant me these next-level wins for Your glory and my joy. Amen.

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