Athlete, This is What Distinguished Living Looks Like

This is What Distinguished Living Looks Like

7:40 “All these were descendants of Asher -- heads of families, choice men, brave warriors and outstanding leaders. The number of men ready for battle, as listed in their genealogy, was 26,000.”

1 Chronicles 7:40 (NIV)

The Bible mentions a breed of men worth noting. They were of the tribe of Asher. They distinguished themselves in seven ways that impacted generations to come. Let’s take a snapshot look at their profiles.

HEADS: Asher and his sons assumed responsibility for more than just themselves. They were not just fathers and husbands. They anchored families and communities. They got out in front and stayed out in front.

They didn’t run from greater responsibility. They ran toward it. They selflessly served. They conducted themselves in such a way that people were quick to fall in line behind them.

They tirelessly led their “teams,” indifferent to personal cost.

CHOICE: Asher and his sons were exceptional. They would not let “ordinary” define their efforts or their attitudes. Whatever they produced got stamped “premium.” They pushed themselves toward excellence in both work and spirit, and oh, how that set them apart!

BRAVE: Fearlessness in the face of opposition rose within them. Their courage welled up whenever needed. And it wasn’t just physical in nature. Moral courage had to show up too.

Bravery, both in word and deed, allowed their godly convictions to rise and go as public as necessary.

WARRIOR: Asher and his sons loved a good fight. They were beautifully competitive. They were built for war.

Contests routinely brought out the best in them. They welcomed testing. They embraced competition not only as a part of life but also as a chief means of growth.

They were committed to winning, whether it be in protection, progress or peace.

LEADER: Their leadership was outstanding because they led in multiple ways: morally, physically, intellectually, spiritually. They led well because they followed (God) well.

And they weren’t afraid to be first in line or decisive in critical moments. People saw their genuine confidence and wanted to follow.

PREPARED: Asher’s men had a readiness about them. They were prepared for whatever life threw at them because they understood the times and developed a great feel for what needed to be done.

VIGILANT: Asher’s men were watchful too. Being “ready for battle” meant always keeping watch. Things didn’t escape their attention. Details didn’t fall through the cracks.

They were committed to recognizing lurching enemies from without and from within.

What a distinguished profile to mark and follow! It sure is worthy of imitation.

Reflect: Which profile point might need more development in you? What may be keeping you from becoming more Asher-like? Where might moral courage need to be unleashed in you today?

A prayer to consider: Father, thank You for showing me this picture of what distinguished living looks like. I see Jesus in this profile and so want to replicate it, to imitate Him.

Spirit of Christ, don’t let me choose ordinary when excellence is in reach. Fill me with moral courage and vigilance most of all. I really need this to face my enemies from without and within. Amen.

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