Athlete, Consider the End for the Proud

Consider the End for the Proud

8,10  “I am, and there is none besides me.”

Isaiah 47:8,10 (NIV)

Who's talking here? Is it the LORD Almighty, our Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel? NO!

Those talking here are a powerful people group, the Babylonians, the greatest empire in the world at that time.

What made them talk like this?

  • Winning -- We come out on top all the time (v5).
  • Power and Privilege -- We get advantage and keep it: entitlement (v6-7).
  • Indestructibility -- We will continue forever (v7).
  • Comfort and Security -- We've earned the right to relax now (v8).
  • Slickness -- We get away with stuff better than anyone else (v10).
  • Superiority Complex -- We know better (v10).
  • Pros at Evil and Fear Factor -- Terror and intimidation, and selling our souls to the devil keep us on top (v9,12,13).

Reflect: Do you know prideful people like this? Are you tempted to join “the dark side” with them? God says, “Don't!”

In the end He has the final word for folks like this and says, "There is not one that can save you" (v15).

Look who's talking now!

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