Athlete, You Do Not Need to Manufacture Confidence

You Do Not Need to Manufacture Confidence

3  "Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident."

Psalm 27:3 (NIV)

Maybe people have said to you, “You should be confident and have high self-esteem.” But, it does not make sense to be confident just because we should be.

As an athlete, confidence is essential. But what is your rationale for confidence? Why should you have a high opinion of yourself? Do you need to manufacture confidence?

Let’s be honest, don’t we try to manufacture reasons to be confident? We think, “If I look that way ... If I get strong enough ... If this goes my way ... If I get that degree ... If we win this game ... If that person likes me, then I will be confident and feel good about myself.”

But manufactured confidence is fleeting. If our confidence is in God, it cannot be taken down like a school record. If we cling to who God says we are, our confidence will not constantly be in jeopardy.

There’s a big difference between having confidence because of God compared to manufactured confidence.

I am sure you have noticed how you shatter when you place your confidence in yourself and fail. Peter was notorious for that. It became evident to him he needed Jesus’ faithfulness to him more than his faithfulness to Jesus. You need that too.

Do not be overzealous and confident in your faithfulness to God, rather marvel at His faithfulness to you.

Our weaknesses are cause to put our confidence in God. Ironically, in looking away from ourselves we find reasons to be strong, brave and confident. We saw that in Peter. At first, he appeared brave and strong, but trusted in himself. Later on, he was courageous because of God.

Athlete, I don’t know about you, but I feel like there is often a war breaking out against me that jeopardizes my confidence. That’s because I often stand on sinking sand.

Athlete, know that you do not need to manufacture confidence! You do not need to justify your existence. You do not need to look a certain way or win the game. You do not need a certain grade or someone to notice you. Be confident as you are.

You have a basis for your confidence that does not shift: God is with you, loves you and accepts you. Be confident. You have your reasons!

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