Athlete, Revitalize Hope

Revitalize Hope

27  “Then He said to Thomas, ‘Put your finger here; see My hands. Reach out your hand and put it into My side. Stop doubting and believe.’”

John 20:27 (NIV)

Like a car with a drained battery, or a team on a losing streak, sometimes hope needs to be jump-started. Such was the case with Jesus' disciples just after His crucifixion. Such is the case with you and me at any given crunch time too.

When Jesus issued these four powerful words, "Stop doubting and believe," He knew at least one of his men, Thomas, needed another jump-start.

Word from others didn't seem to be quite enough to get Thomas rebounding into life. But this jump-start worked.

Thomas saw, touched and believed at a whole new level. It sustained him for the rest of his known life. He finished well.

Perhaps you're stuck in a pretty tough patch of unbelief. Perhaps rough circumstances have got you down. Maybe Jesus' call to take this pair of steps is just what will jump-start hope and new life in you.

Step One: STOP DOUBTING. If untended, unbelief can grow in us like a wild weed. Don't feed the weed. Don't doubt God, His revealed truth or His good plans. Kill unbelief before it kills you.

Step Two: BELIEVE. Believe God at His Word. Believe God for your situation. Trust His love. Put your confidence in His matchless character, His sustaining faithfulness and His redemptive power.

Belief heals hope. Belief brings life. Godly belief trusts, obeys and holds on.

Stop doubting and believe. Making these two moves jump-starts life and hope.

Reflect: What doubt has a choke-hold on you today? Name it. What is Jesus saying to you regarding your tough situation? What truth must you embrace and believe?

Take two steps: “stop doubting and believe.”

Make those four words your self-talk mantra often, starting today.

A prayer to consider: LORD, I needed to hear these four words today, "Stop doubting and believe." I am applying them to my pockets of unbelief.

Heal my hope. Jump-start it again. Get me moving forward in life and upward toward You. Amen.

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