Athlete, This Helmet Determines How You Hold Your Head

This Helmet Determines How You Hold Your Head

17  "Take the helmet of salvation …"

Ephesians 6:17 (NIV)

You can tell a lot about people by how they hold their heads. Do they hang their heads? Do they hold their heads high?

How you hold your head says much about who you are and how you see yourself – past, present and future. It also speaks to how you see others, the world, your circumstances, your immediate and eternal salvation, and even how you see God. Head tilts don't lie.

You can't do much with someone whose head stays down. He or she lacks confidence, direction, hope. The attention he or she tends to draw feels negative. Everything seems heavy.

Victory eludes someone like this.

In stark contrast, those whose heads are held high have vision, awareness, alertness. They really see. They welcome almost any situation and face things well.

They are ready to fight and are confident in battle. Wins feel inevitable. They know they are on the right side.

Those who wear “the helmet of salvation” are like the latter. Their heads won't hang. They have good reason to hold their heads high. In fact, they have four good reasons! Here they are:

They are PROTECTED. God's salvation protects them from the deadliest arrows of life. No emotional, physical or psychological onslaught can take away their eternal destiny. It's as if Savior-Jesus is saying, "Wear My salvation. Don't just have it. Put it to use."

Hell can't touch the protected one.

They are INSURED. Victory awaits those who are saved. Those whom God saves, He keeps. Insured, assured people hold their heads high.

They are CONFIDENT. Saved people know that God has done something for them they could never do for themselves.

God's deliverance makes them confident. His salvation can be trusted and applied to any other rescue needed. That confidence lifts a head again and again.

They are HOPEFUL. Saved people know that God is able to deliver wins, and that makes them hopeful. Past rescue means future deliverance too. Those who are saved know that final salvation awaits. Hope lifts the head.

Reflect: Which way is your head tilting? It may depend upon your outlook and what you're wearing. Remember, it's what's on top that counts.

A prayer to consider: LORD, deliver me from hanging my head. Through Christ only, my Savior – Lord and Redeemer – King, I have reason to lift it! Help me to wear my helmet of salvation proudly, confidently, gratefully. I want Your saving ways leading the charge to more victories in my life.

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