Athlete, You Will See Greater Things

You Will See Greater Things

50  “Jesus said to him, ‘Do you believe just because I told you I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than these.’”

John 1:50 (Berean Study Bible)

Have you ever been impressed by something or someone, or both? How do these seven feats impress you?

  • 157 straight NBA games in which he made a 3-point field goal, spanning two seasons (Steph Curry)
  • 87 straight pro boxing wins (Julio César Chávez)
  • 274 consecutive NFL games with a pass reception -- that's 17 straight seasons (Jerry Rice)
  • 122 consecutive 400m hurdles races won -- spanning nine years, nine months and nine days of going undefeated (Edwin Moses)
  • 2,632 consecutive MLB games played (Cal Ripken)
  • 11 straight PGA victories -- no one else in PGA history has won more than three (Byron Nelson)
  • Basketball Hall of Famer Jerry Lucas memorizing an entire Manhattan phone book

What stands out as most impressive to you? Have you seen greater?

John 1:47-51 records the first meeting between Jesus and Nathanael. There Jesus blew Nathanael out of the water by telling him where he was before the two ever laid eyes on each other.

Then Jesus simply said that Nathaniel would see greater things than this as they pressed on together.

Nathanael followed, and Jesus delivered on His pledge. That included His walking on water, healing the blind, lame, deaf and dumb, fulfilling tons of centuries-old prophecies, His crucifixion as sin-bearer for all, and His bodily resurrection and ascension.

The same holds true for us today. Nathanael's story can be ours.

As we follow Jesus faithfully each day, He promises to show us greater things too -- in ourselves, about others, our world and certainly about Him. It's His way with us. How great to experience life with Him!

Reflect: Are you yearning to see greater things, to be deeply impressed, to be wildly encouraged, to see beyond sight, to be marked and changed for life? Seeing greater things starts and ends with following Jesus.

A prayer to consider: O LORD, thank You for revealing to us such impressive glimpses of who You are. I stand amazed, in awe. Show me more as I follow You.

What an adventure it is to follow You! I'm in it for a lifetime, no matter what!

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