Athlete, Pay Attention to These Last Words

Pay Attention to These Last Words

30  “When Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, ‘It is finished,’ and He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.”

John 19:30 (ESV)

Our last words carry weight. You feel it at these moments:

  • Upon leaving a locker room and entering the field or the court
  • When heading off to war
  • When reading the last page of an autobiography
  • Upon breathing your last breath

Let's note crucified Jesus's last recorded words. His final, three-word self-talk is loaded. Here's what we see:

CLOSURE: The word “finished” implies completion, a mission accomplished. Jesus saw His sin-bearing, saving work as fully done. We should too.

The end of our trying to save ourselves, fix ourselves has come. Atonement is accomplished. Case closed. Hallelujah for that!

CONFIDENCE: Jesus's last-breathed sentence exudes confidence. He leaves no room for hesitation or compromise in those last three words. They were just right.

The mission was supremely hard, but well done. A special confidence always comes when we fulfill our Father's mission. Hallelujah for that!

CONTINUATION: Jesus said “IT” is finished, not “I” am finished. There's a big difference between the two. Jesus continues to play an active role. His atoning work is done, but He's not.

His interceding, preparing, resurrection-empowering, perfecting-Himself-in-us work rolls on. The seat Jesus has taken at the right hand of His Father is an active seat, not a passive one, a bench not a bleacher, a throne not a couch. Hallelujah for that!

Reflect: Are you finished trying to save yourself? Have you settled your need of righteousness exclusively through Him (check out Titus 3:5)? Is the confidence of Christ rubbing off on you (check out Romans 8:1)?

Are you continuing on with Christ (Check out Philippians 1:6)?

A prayer to consider: Lord Jesus, Your last crucified words give me such life. They are powerful sweetness to me. Thank You for bringing closure to my condemnation and for bringing confidence to me.

I bask in Your continued commitment to conform me to Your image. Keep rubbing off on me, Jesus. O, how I love You and need You, Lord! Amen.

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