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Meet Someone Special

39  “He (Jesus) said to them, ‘Come and you will see.’”

John 1:39 (ESV)

Have you ever met someone really special – like a famous person, or someone whom you suddenly realized you could marry? I've had both of those experiences. How about you?

God wants us to meet Him the way two men first met Jesus (John 1:39). Here's what this “meeting someone special” should look like:

WE MEET HIM UNEXPECTEDLY: God has a way of showing up at surprising moments. He invades time and space in wonderful, crucial ways.

We don't always see Him coming, but keep looking for the unexpected, for Jesus. He showed up once upon a time … and He'll keep doing it!

WE MEET HIM BY INVITATION: God always invites us to come, to join Him, to come home. His porch light always stays on.

Just listen for His simple, sweet word, "Come!" and move on this bidding. And keep coming -- no forced entry needed. The door is always open, but we enter by invitation only. Feel invited?

WE MEET HIM PERSONALLY: When the two men asked Jesus where He was staying, Jesus answered, "Come, and you will see." But, according to the text, Jesus never took the pair there. Why not?

I believe it was because He wanted them to see that He stays in human hearts more than houses. That's where He drops pins. So look for Him there. Experience Him personally.

WE MEET HIM UNCONVENTIONALLY: For thousands of years, conventional thinking said the world was flat. Boy, was that wrong. For more than a century, people believed that weight training and sport didn't mix. Not true!

All of human nature pushes us toward another conventional credo: “When I see, I'll come. When I see it, I'll believe it.”

Jesus turns it around, saying to us, "Come, and you will see!" Faith in Christ demands a following that leads to sight, not a sight that leads to following. He comes unconventionally. So should we.

WE MEET HIM CONFIDENTLY: Jesus says that when we come to Him we WILL see. His confidence becomes ours. Our faith will become sight.

God asks us to come boldly, confidently to Him (Hebrews 4:16), for He promises to reward the diligent seeker (Hebrews 11:6).

Reflect: Do you meet God like this? When He says, “Come,” do you? Do you try to control where and when you'll meet?

Do you stand your ground until He proves Himself to you, or do you trust Him by faith? How confident are you in following Jesus?

A prayer to consider: LORD, help me to welcome Your every bidding to come and connect, love every unexpected encounter, embrace every unconventional faith stretch and cherish every invite to come boldly, confidently before You. You're the best!

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