Athlete, Be Genuine

Be Genuine

9  “But Peter said to her, ‘How is it that you have agreed together to test the Spirit of the Lord?’”

Acts 5:9 (ESV)

Here’s one thing that adds big-time credibility to our influence and leadership: genuineness. Being genuine gives others consistent confidence that what they see and experience in us is actually real, sincere, 100 percent true, unchanging.

They find nothing deceitful about us, nothing hidden. Our motives are pure. We are who we really are. We are open and fully honest before God, others and self.

And when others experience us like this, it’s powerful!

However, here’s one thing that erodes our credibility big-time: pretending. In fact, God says that pretending -- giving the appearance of genuineness -- is actually dangerous, even lethal. The stunning story that opens Acts 5 was written to support this. God might rather have His people struck dead than have them live as chameleons -- insecure, insincere, deceived, deceitful.

FYI, the Bible references the word “genuine” or “sincere” 17 times. Each time, these two words are attached to pivotal terms like love, faith, heart, concern, company, speech and motives. God says these words must team up with these terms.

Here then are two bottom lines:

  • God takes genuineness seriously. So must we. And our watching world longs to see it and experience it with us, through us too.

  • Genuineness builds credibility big-time. Pretending destroys it. So if we want something special built in us, “genuine” must be part of the construction.

Reflect: In what area of your life do you feel most compromised, most hidden and pretending? What’s the cause? Who needs to see you in the light as sincere and genuine?

Ask some trusted family/friends how genuine they experience you to be?

Psalm 139:23,24 would be a great prayer to memorize and recite to build your genuineness.

A prayer to consider: O Father, I see how seriously You take genuineness. Help me to stop pretending about anything and live open before You and others. That’s the way I want my credibility to built for life.

Thank you for sending us genuine Jesus. O, how I need that example. Make me secure and credible like Him for Your glory. Amen.

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