Athlete, Permission is Granted

Permission is Granted

6  “Jesus said to them, ‘My time has not yet come, but your time is always here.’”

John 7:6 (ESV)

I was raised with a little maxim that went like this, "There is a time and a place for everything." Were you also raised with this principle? I'm sure glad I was.

That maxim taught me the definition of the word “appropriate,” introduced me to new levels of discipline and self-control that I needed to learn, properly hemmed me in socially, and helped me value context, organization, relationship and teamwork.

It acculturated me, for sure.

Jesus tells His disciples there's one big exception to this maxim. He grants permission to upend the rule when it comes to one key relationship.

When it comes to showing the world the One to whom we belong, there is no inappropriate time or place. He says that for this, anytime is right.

Like a married man or woman who wears his or her wedding band all the time, let the world clearly, sweetly know you are taken.

Hidden relationships are dangerous. Open relationships are beautiful and blessed. Count on Christ's support for your every expression of relationship with Him, in word and deed.

He grants permission and blesses that openness, and a watching world benefits. “Your time is always here."

Reflect: Do you feel free and confident in your relationship with Jesus? As His disciple, you have permission from Jesus to operate this way. Go for it!

Do you need to open more of your personal borders so that you can freely talk about Jesus anytime?

A prayer to consider: Jesus, it feels so good to be given “anytime” permission with You, for You. Help me to live confidently in this. Help me to keep expanding my borders about this.

Thank You for Your unconditional love and care of me. You're by far the best! Amen.

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