Athlete, Make These Four Moves

Make These Four Moves

16  “And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on His name.”

Acts 22:16 (ESV)

A recent SNICKERS® candy bar marketing campaign was built around a two-word question. Do you know it? It’s “WHY WAIT?”

There are moments where God says the same thing to us. He calls us to decisive living too.

Like a great coach, He charges us to leave the safety of our locker rooms and pour onto the courts and playing fields of our lives aiming for greater wins.

And as He does, He asks us to at least make these four moves:

RISE: Sometimes life knocks us flat out on our rear ends. Sometimes the fears we entertain paralyze us. Sometimes our failures flatten us and insecurities stop us. God says, “Get up!” Aren’t you glad He’s the one who commands our rise! Let His Words get you up and get you moving today.

BE BAPTIZED: Take the plunge. Get into a cleansing flood. Make a dramatic move that tells the world you have a new identity, that you’re under new management.

WASH YOUR SINS AWAY: God has made a way for our sins to be lifted. Hallelujah! Our stains come out in His wash.

So ask for another cleanse. Thank Him for continual cleansing (1 John 1:7,9).

CALL ON HIS NAME: Ask for Jesus to show up, to lift, to rescue, to deliver grace, mercy, kindness, strength, wisdom, understanding. Prayer can be reduced to something as simple as this: calling upon Jesus’ name.

Reflect: Do you feel flattened, loaded down by life’s care, weighted down by sin? What’s the burden that’s got you down, feeling stuck? Which of the four moves mentioned above needs to make a move in you, even today?

A prayer to consider: LORD, thank You for all the moves you’ve made toward me, toward us. Your Son, Your Spirit, Your Word keep coming. I love it. I need it. Bring it on.

May they keep giving rise in me, washing me, establishing me in good identity, and moving me onward and upward. I call on Your Name for encouragement and fresh wins. Amen.

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