Athlete, Enter into the Joy and Pain of Others

Enter into the Joy and Pain of Others

15  "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn."

Romans 12:15 (NIV)

Your teammates and classmates have struggles and joys like you do. They have frustrations, fears, hopes and dreams.

Go out of your way today to find out what pains them and brings them joy. Lament and celebrate with them. Jesus did both with people. This can make you feel alive, lift your spirit and help get your mind off of yourself.

God made you to ebb and flow with the joys and pains of others.

A woman I know got a call from a friend who was having a crisis. The woman said, “I was having a perfect day, but I felt like I needed to incorporate her crisis.” That is what it looks like to live Romans 12:15.

It’s hard to incorporate another's crises and joys because you probably already have a lot going on. We are often too preoccupied to enter the pain and joy of others. Busyness can stymie compassion.

But Jesus took time to incorporate our crises into His life. He has the scars to prove it.

We know from experience we need people to catch our tears and rejoice with us. We want people to be excited with us when we share exciting news and come down with us when we are low.

Athlete, of course not everyone will open up to you. But, you can be sure you will soon cross paths with someone who needs help carrying his or her burden.

Someone is waiting for you to celebrate with them too. But to live Romans 12:15, you will have to set aside other things that seem more productive and important.

When you go to practice, eat in the cafeteria and hang out with your roommates, meet people where they are, wherever they are. This is God’s plan for you, says Romans 12:15.

Sharing in the joy and pain of others may seem like a burden, but it is not only a blessing to others, it is also God’s blessing to you.

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