Nothing Left

Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin is a member of USA Swimming’s national team. After competing in the Olympic trials in 2008 at 13 years old, Missy made history in 2012 when she broke the world record for the 200 meter backstroke. She also broke the American records for the 200 meter and 100 meter backstroke. She holds the current American record for the 200 yard freestyle. In the same Olympic Games in London, she won four gold medals and a bronze at the age of 17.

But competition hasn’t always been smooth swimming for Missy. In 2014, she suffered severe back spasms before the Pan Pacific Championships in Australia. The injury left Missy out of control of her body and forced her to recognize her own weakness. “I think that was really the first time in my life where I just had to open my hands and just literally give it all to God because it was like, ‘I have nothing left,’” she remembers.

With the support of her teammates and coaches, Missy completed physical therapy and overcame her injury to continue competing. She learned that she can rely on others when she isn’t strong enough on her own. And she knows now that her strength ultimately comes from God. “‘This is me at my weakest point, at my most disappointed moment in my life, like this is where I need You,’” she remembers telling God. “It’s been incredible to see, you know, in my weakness, His strength.”