It is Our Struggles that Form Us

It is Our Struggles that Form Us

“I think in everything there is a struggle,” says Natasha Hastings. “My struggle is different from your struggle.”

For Natasha, the key to making it through the struggles is faith. Faith not only in God, but in the fact that it is the process of moving through struggles, the journey itself that molds you into the person you really want to be. “You have to have faith in the journey. And know that if you keep your faith and keep your faith in God in the process, then what is to be and what God has for you will be. And you just have to trust in that process.”

Natasha has struggled over the years with her sport. Not doing as well as she would have liked in 2008 and not qualifying for the Olympics in 2012. It is those struggles, those doubts, those hard times that have molded her into the person and the athlete she is today.

“I firmly believe that, number one, I would not appreciate where I am now without having those experiences. So I can look back on those experiences and say that He was preparing me for where I am and where I am going. But, you know in those moments it’s a lot harder to find that. You know… I have certainly had my moments when I thought about giving up all together. “

The most important thing that has kept her moving forward in the midst of her doubts has been her support system. “It’s certainly been great to have the support system that I have, my family and my faith. I have definitely had to dig deep and rely in that… I think it’s important having like-minded people and people of like faith around me to remind me of those things. That there is the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The biggest thing that she has taken from her struggles has been a deeper trust in the Lord, and that He is the one who gives her strength. She has learned to surrender to the Lord and His plans for her.

“The very last thing I say to myself before I get into the box is ‘I can do all things through Him.’ That is just me at that point giving it all to Him. I realize that up until that point, there is nothing at all I can do to change my fitness or anything. So at that point I am just putting it all in His hands and just believing that He will see me through.”

At the end of the day, what Natasha hopes people will remember her for most is not her abilities as an athlete, races she has won or medals she has received. “I want people to remember me as the girl who fought through it. I kept my faith through the ups and downs… I didn’t give up on myself and kept the faith and even without knowing what was to come, I kept the faith in my journey.”

Photos courtesy of Ted Wilcox

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