International Basketball Coaches Academy a Success

International Basketball Coaches Academy a Success

Earlier this month coaches from around the world gathered for the Athletes in Action International Coaches Academy. The largest group to date -- more than 30 basketball and sports performance coaches representing 19 countries -- arrived at AIA’s World Training and Resource Center in Ohio, ready to enhance their professional skills..

Our International coaches got their first-ever glimpse of the snow!

Sports federations around the world are eager to send their coaches to the academy so that they can learn from the high-level sports and leadership training offered. Coaches return home with increased knowledge and leadership skills, leading to greater success and status for their team and nation. These results are proven! Each year about one quarter to one-third of the coaches in attendance are returning from previous academies, seeking to expand on the benefit they have already gained.

“The academy is so good for me that I share the information to my country and all of Africa.” says Samy, a FIBA (International Basketball Federation) instructor from Egypt who teaches courses at all levels of competition.

Samy attended the academy for the seventh time this year. “I come here every year to renew my heart and my knowledge,” he says.

Packed with unique professional and personal development opportunities, the academy includes:

  • Visits to secondary, collegiate and professional-level games and practices
  • Opportunities to observe a range of elite coaches and coaching styles
  • Clinics with experienced coaches and athletic trainers
  • Interaction with coaches from around the world
  • Equipped disciple training sessions, focused on spiritual growth and outreach
  • Opportunities for cultural events and experiences

Most significantly, every participant in the academy has the opportunity to receive teaching on developing their faith. Often, coaches who come only to improve their game leave with much more: a newfound faith in Christ. With their new faith comes a changed perspective and entirely new ways of leading their teams.

“Before coming to the academy, I was only looking for information about basketball,” Samy says. But, his reasons for coming have grown to include more.

“The academy is changing my heart for the better. I have a heart for Jesus Christ and I have hope. These are the important things the academy gives its participants,” he says. “Not just the sport, but the hope of a changed heart.”