Athlete, You are Marked

You are Marked

18  "So the Lord said to Moses, ‘Take Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit of leadership, and lay your hand on him.’"

Numbers 27:18 (NIV)

People get marked by moments, for better and for worse. Like a big-game play in an epic contest, certain times define them. Certain events and performances shape their destiny. These memories persist, shape, govern, control. Just watch an ESPN E60 episode. We also get marked by others, for better and for worse. Both affirmations and lacerations land and last. The words and influence of others lingers long and strong. The touch of their hands bring life and death. The Bible is full of such stories. People mark people. Just ask Moses. There's one other way we get marked. By the spirit. God's Spirit invades men and women and marks them, too. This mark overrides all others. It trumps. It defines a person and makes them enviably special. The Spirit inside is better than any beside. Just ask Joshua. God looks for Joshuas. He wants to build His home and land His Spirit within. When this happens, others will see something very special too, and like Moses, lay hands on us. Joshua went on to pioneer and lead a nation. God used him to put Israel on the map for sure. Let's remember that leadership begins with marking, and marking by the Spirit. Athlete, are you cultivating your spirit? Are you putting your life simply, repeatedly under the control of God's Spirit?

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