Athlete, Work on Your Serve

Work on Your Serve

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27  "The district governers, each in his month, supplied provisions for King Solomon and all who came to the King's table. They saw to it that nothing was lacking."

1 Kings 4:27 (NIV)

“When Mama's happy, everyone's happy.” That's an amazing law imbedded into life. When an all-out commitment is made by children to honor and care for their mama, that mama also exercises her power to ensure the great welfare of her family, too. Everyone becomes happy. The love affair runs both ways.

We also see this law beautifully played out in a bigger, manly way in 1 Kings 4. There we find King Solomon ruling the nation of Israel well, dishing out extravagant amounts of wisdom and discernment.

We also see the people wildly committed to taking care of their king, sparing nothing (vv. 7, 27). As a result, the people multiplied like crazy, "ate and drank and were happy" (v. 20), and all "lived in safety, each man under his own vine and fig tree" (v. 25). Sounds like a big win for an emerging nation!

Let's pull this law apart just a bit and highlight a pair of angles for application:

  1. LOVE YOUR LEADER. If you're subject to another, commit to love that leadership. Don't just tolerate it. See to it that nothing is lacking within your power. Exceed what's expected. Go for it.

  2. LOVE YOUR PEOPLE. If you're a leader, commit to love the people in your charge. Love them by gifting them with your wisdom. Resource them by teaching them discernment. Deliver great insight and bring a breadth of understanding that touches them deeply (v. 29). Don't leave them alone, helpless and maybe hopeless, to figure out everything on their own. Serve.

When both these things happen, a terrific, mutual love affair grows that changes a culture, even a nation.

Grade yourself on how you care for your leaders, those above you. Are you operating with entitlement or loving service? Are your leaders receiving your best?

Grade yourself on how you care for those you lead. Are you operating with entitlement or supplying those you lead with wisdom and discernment, truth and grace, to help them get ahead too?

Prayer to consider today: LORD, help my serve! I want to build mutual love affairs like Solomon and his people had. I want to keep changing culture for good. Thank you for Jesus who modeled this so well in both directions for me.

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