Athlete, Trust Gods Promises

Trust Gods Promises

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12  "I (the LORD) will fulfill through you (Solomon) the promise I gave to your father (David)."

1 Kings 6:12 (NLT)

Promises mean much when they come from someone special. They mean even more when they are fulfilled. God makes promises to people and through people. How sweet is that? Can you imagine playing a part in a promise made by God?

Here are four elements to note in today's Scripture:

  1. God makes solid, even stunning promises. That's His way. He loves to pitch promises to people. The Bible is laced with "many exceedingly great and precious promises" (2 Peter 1:3-4). He must love to be pinned to His words. God's promises become the early evidence of His love and care. Athlete, feed on them and find hope, care, and love.

  2. God fulfills His promises. He's way better at this than us. For whatever promises remain unfulfilled, we have much to look forward to because His fulfillment record is so incredibly good.

  3. God uses others to fulfill His promises--stop and reflect on this. Others bring, even become the fulfillment of a promise. God's work doesn't stop or end with you. There is multiplication going on.

  4. God uses you to fulfill promises He makes to others. What a privilege to be used by the Lord! Like Solomon, you can play a part in the fulfillment of God's promises in someone else's life. You can be a divine transfer agent. How noble, how cool is that?

Athlete, do you know God's many promises? Have you studied them carefully in the Bible? Do you know all of them? Why not make it a point to really learn them?

What personal promise from God are you resting in? Are you sharing it with anyone? Praying for its fulfillment through others? In what way might you become the fulfillment of God's promises to another?

Athlete, trust in God’s promises and pray for their fulfillment!

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