Athlete, Let Your Heart Break

Let Your Heart Break

5  "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy."

Psalm 126:5 (NIV)

Most people believe they put in the work. Some don't. Some are overachievers. Some are not. Some reap what they sow. Some reap more than they sow. Some reap less than they sow. It all depends.

Into this inexact science enters today's Scripture. Here, God says that when we “sow in tears” we will “reap with joy.” To sow in tears is to labor hard through hurt, to push through pain and personal disappointment, and bring oneself to a place of weeping over deep and hopefully righteous longings that remain unfulfilled in us and in our world.

What's concerning is that we often don't allow ourselves to get to that point. We simply complain about our circumstance (for just a bit) and then grind on, dry-eyed, hoping for hope's sake for something more or different … someday. The sowing limps on. The reaping feels like a crapshoot.

God's Word invites us to a greater certainty. When we get beyond being numb, when we become passionate, when we let our hearts break -- even to tears -- over things that are truly heartbreaking, something happens. God sees and remembers those moments. He fertilizes and germinates them. Our tears wet the soil that joy grows in. They work together more than we think. God wonderfully sees to it.

Athlete, be brought to tears. Feel deeply about a few good things. Entertain some new, strong convictions. Work hard at it. Let tears fall. Mourn. It'll do you good. Before too long you may be singing songs of joy, loud and proud. It's a law and quite a promise.

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