Athlete, Keep The Momentum

Keep The Momentum

11  "Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me."

Psalm 51:11 (NIV)

Once you have an experience of a lifetime, you savor it, replay it often, and long for it to happen again. You don't wanna see it end. That's why re-creations, reruns and reunions keep the memories stoked, the feelings alive, the momentum going. That's why coaches show players game film of championship moments. That's why sequels are entertained, and repeats and three-peats happen.

Once you experience God's presence and encounter His Spirit working in you, don't minimize it, dismiss it, bury it in a file. Instead, like David in this Scripture, long for restoration, resurrection and re-release...for more. Tell God you want to be ever before Him. Let Him know that His Spirit, active and in you, must be a part of who you are and how you roll every day. The Spirit relationship must not stop. You don't wanna live without Him.

Athlete, the great thing is that God wants this too. He has no interest in just showing reruns to us either. His Spirit falls morning dew. He's committed to renewed living and lifetime contracts. Just tell Him you want this too and follow His Spirit humbly and obediently. As you do, you'll run like a man who always finds a way to have the wind at his back no matter how hard the storm blows otherwise.

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