Athlete, Double Your Joy

Double Your Joy

15  "Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep."

Romans 12:15 (NIV)

Have you witnessed any locker room celebrations after tournament wins? They are big, unbridled forces of nature and so beautifully enviable.

When there's cause for rejoicing, it's really hard to entertain the celebration in secret, alone. Like a river that overflows its banks, joy must find a place to come out. It must somehow be shared with others. Joy will not allow itself to be self-contained. It must seek togetherness. Aren't you glad God made us like this? Togetherness completes the joy.

Have you also experienced moments of tournament grief; seen suffering on display? The Bible says that this too should be shared together. We should give others permission to enter into our pain. And we should embrace each other’s pain and disappointments and learn to weep together.

Togetherness, whether through rejoicing or pain, is ordained by God. He loves and rewards holy huddles. Togetherness allows us to double our joy and divide our sorrow. It helps us develop proper, godly empathy for others. Let's be great at this “better together” living!

Athlete, are you inviting others in to share your joy and rejoicing and your pain too? Are you celebrating with others as you ought? Are you good at entering into another athlete's joy or just secretly feeding an enemy called envy?

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